Karl Schrader is a famous German graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator.

Schrader was born on August 30, 1915 in Hildesheim, Hanover province. After graduating from high school in 1933, he enrolled in the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Hildesheim to become an advertising artist. In 1936, the future artist entered the Graphic Academy in Leipzig. After the outbreak of World War II, he had to interrupt his artistic training and go to war as a Wehrmacht soldier at the age of 24.

After the war, Schrader stayed in East Germany and continued his creative activity. His first series of cartoons appeared on August 4, 1950 in the first satirical magazine of the GDR «Fresh Wind» (Frisen Wind). He also published as a regular contributor to «Eulenspiegel».

Karl Schrader was one of the most popular cartoonists of the GDR. A collection of his cartoons, «Das dicke Schrader Buch», has been reprinted six times. The artist illustrated books for adults and children, such as «The Good Student Ottokar» or «Soein Struvelpeter». He was awarded the National Order of Merit before the Law and the Art Prize.

Karl Schrader died on December 20, 1981 in East Berlin.